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Sprayer for v-belt DEN BRAVEN 400ml

PTFE Spray - aerosol 400 ml

Colourless lubricant and separating agent.
PTFE Spray is a colourless lubricant and separating agent for metal, rubber, plastic and other materials. Temperature-resistant from -50°C to +260°C. Grease-free, anti-adhesive, dirt, dust and water repellent. Guaranteed self-lubrication over an extended period. Prevents premature wear and the solidification of deposits. Prevents jamming, friction, squeaking and creaking. Excellent flow and lubricating properties. Guarantees long-lasting lubrication and protection. Prevents wear and tear caking. Removes friction, hooking, squeaking and creaking noises. Strong capillary action and excellent flow properties.
Applications: PTFE Spray has many applications in electrical and mechanical engineering, plastics processing, the paper and textile industries, etc. Owing to its excellent properties PTFE Spray can be applied almost universally. However, PTFE Spray can be applied particularly where mineral oils or MoS2 cannot be used due to danger of impurities, e.g. in electrical technology and mechanics, plastic processing, paper processing, textile industry etc.
- guideways and wires
- conveyor belts, gear mechanisms and fan-belts
- chains, bearings, cables and cutting tools
- locks, hinges, joints, pedals and window mechanisms
Directions of use: vigorously shake can for about 1 minute before use. Spray onto surface, wait a while and test whether the desired lubrication effect has been achieved. Repeat if necessary.
The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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