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Color-spray black matt DEN BRAVEN 400ml

Paint spray black mat - aerosol 400ml

Strong, durable paint that protects metal surfaces exposed to the weather. Lakspray Zwart Mat is a high-quality and quick-drying acrylic resin based varnish. It is a versatile paint for cars, motorcycles, hobby and household. Zwaluw Lakspray Black Matt a very robust special paint for metal surfaces protected from the weather. The special paint effect also ensures a sportier appearance of cars because the spray is not only decorative but also weathered surfaces.
• Strong, wear-resistant special varnish covering metal surfaces exposed to weather influences
• Can also be used as a. Due to its special paint effects sporting tuning or decoration of cars and to beautify weathered surfaces
Applications: adheres to metal, wood, concrete, polyester and a lacquered or pre-treated substrate.
Instructions: optimal processing temperature: 16-25 ° C. Surface rough and free from rust and dust. Spray can, from the moment the mixing balls can be heard, approximately two minutes intensive to shake. Then from approximately 25-30 cm crosswise in equal apply layer thicknesses. Dust-dry: after 15 minutes. Touch-dry: after 30 minutes. Cured: after 24 hours.
Surface preparation and finishing: surfaces must be clean and dry and free from grease, rust and loose particles. If necessary, use a rust primer such as basic coating.
The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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