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Carburetor cleaner DEN BRAVEN 400ml

Carburettor cleaner - aerosol 400ml

Carburetor cleaner is a special mixture of cleaning agents that was developed to effectively clean carburetors both inside and out. The product can also be used to clean throttle and idle valves. Since a lubricant was also added to the Braven carburetor cleaner, it also lubricates all previously cleaned moving parts.
• Removes all oil, grease and fuel residues:
• of outer and inner parts of carburetors
• of throttle valves
•of external and internal parts of idle valves field of application
The Braven carburetor cleaner is ideal as a cleaning agent for industry and trade, for repairs, assembly and routine maintenance work. General information Shake the can vigorously before use. Spray the surfaces to be treated from a distance of approx. 20 cm and let the spray run off. Allow treated surfaces to air dry. Repeat the application several times if necessary.
The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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