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Anti-corrosion primer DEN BRAVEN reddish brown 400ml

Rust protector Red - aerosol 400 ml

Fast-drying primer that protects against corrosion. Rust Protector Red stops corrosion of ferrous metals, serves as an all-round primer for lacquers and can be applied be stuck on rust. Zwaluw Rust protector Red consists of a combination of anti-rust pigment and binders. This means that the product cannot only be used as a protector against rust, but it also prevents additional corrosion from rusty surfaces.
• A smooth, non-porous, and above all non-abrasive protective layer
• Can be coated with many lacquers
• Corrosion resistant (DIN 50021 tested and approved)
• Resistant to water, salt water, gasoline and most aggressive chemicals
• Temperature resistant (dry and short-term) up to + 140 ° C
• Lead-free, non-toxic and acid-free
Applications: motor vehicle factories: coating and repairing body parts, crossbars, cavities, bodyworks, trailers, bodywork bodies etc. Construction and construction companies and public sector companies: construction machinery, mining machinery, bridge structures, railways, power plants, gas plants, fencing and large machines. The most diverse industrial companies: tank construction, ferrous metals, garage doors, horticulture, canteen kitchens and large laundries, air conditioners, structures with steel joists, structural steelworks, fuel depots, frames, etc.
Instructions: ideal processing temperature 16 ° C – 25 ° C. Shake the can firmly for about 3 minutes (the metal balls are now clear audible). Apply crosswise from approximately 25-30 cm. Surface is dry after about 15 minutes (at 20 ° C) and after 24 hour completely dry after which it can be painted over with many paints and varnishes (test results in advance).
Surface preparation and finishing: Surfaces must be clean and dry and free from grease, rust and loose particles.

The product safety sheet must be read and understood for use. Product safety data sheets are available on application and via the Den Braven websites.
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